About us

About us

  Before telling you what Tux Foods all about, we would like to go for how and why?

So this guy, Mr. Manohar Takrani, a businessman by profession since a long long time in food industry, always had a knack of preparing different kinds of pickles and chutneys.

Reason was simple, he never liked the pickles which were already being sold in the market, he had a good reason for almost every pickle out there in the market, to not be consumed. like for example, he used to love having sweet and sour lemon pickle, but there were always seeds present in those pickles out there, due to which almost each one of them used to taste bitter for obvious reasons. He had this opinion that the real taste is not there at all, plus its difficult to eat with the seeds present in that pickle. 

This was the point where his entrepreneurial instincts kicked in, and the Idea of Tux Foods was born!


Also, this Lady, Mrs. Rita Takrani, a house wife, preparing and experimenting with different stuff has always been on her agenda. So one day, while she was preparing sweet and sour lemon pickle for home, instead of using the masala available in the market, she decided to try and prepare her own masala for it, and she successfully prepared a formula, which she herself liked.
Also, she decided to remove the seeds from the lemons while preparing the pickle, for obvious reasons plus for the ease of use!

This was back in 2008 when she did that, slowly as people tasted the pickle, people started asking for more and more! Seeing the demand, Manohar started developing his mind to actually manufacture it on a large scale. But due to some reason and lack of helping hands, he couldn’t.

Now comes this guy into picture, Gaurav M Takrani, foodie by choice, finicky by nature, always willing to do something of his own. After completing his degree in Computer Engineering from a reputed institute, seeing the potential in food manufacturing industry, he decided to go for his father’s dream project. 

With his father’s guidance and his Mother’s Recipes, Gaurav started the journey of converting the Impeccable Sweet and Sour Lemon pickle in his mother’s kitchen into an FMCG product! so this is how Tux Foods was born!

And now, after years in research, business trips, field work, we are ready with our premium home made quality products manufactured at a dedicated manufacturing facility, under the name “Tux Foods.”

Well, still wondering what does Tux Stand for? It is actually a nick name of Gaurav, back from his college days. Takrani, Taks, Tux. Get it? 😉

We believe that in terms of food, the taste, quality and Texture matter the most! And hence, our slogan and tagline! “Because Taste Matters”

We hope to floor you with our lip-smacking products! again, Because Taste Matters. 😉